What is Disc Golf?

Never played? You’ve played catch on the Beach? In the Park? Maybe you’ve been playing “over to the drainpipe on the corner of that building” or even on a dedicated course casually with friends for years but never bothered to keep track of the score too closely or buy more than a disc or two.

Disc golf’s very roots are in this object-based game of “hit that target.” One of my favorite things to do camping has always been throwing a Frisbee around with friends, either to each other or towards a common goal. Disc golf can be as casual or as serious as you want to play it. From throwing at objects around the area to a sanctioned tournament on a  dedicated course, the beauty of the game is the fact that it’s fun – if you aren’t having fun, then you’re doing it wrong!

For more in-depth information on the History, Development of the Sport, and more (like how to play!) – check out these great resources: