Recommendation: Infinite Discs

Infinite Discs

Is kicking the New Year of 2013 off with a bang! Infinite Discs has a fantastic selection of discs, with easy to use navigation and disc discovery depending entirely on your preferences for brand, flight, or plastic – allowing you to find just the disc you want, even if you didn’t know it quite yet.

I recently ordered from Infinite Discs – the process was smooth, easy to navigate, and ended by paying with paypal. This provided a secure method of payment without the need to create a new web account on the Infinite Discs site – nice to not have to remember yet another username and password. (hurray!)

Shipping was quick and efficient – only three days via USPS coming from Kansas all the way to the California Coastline.

Unfortunately there was a problem; (dun-dun-dunnnn…) I had received different discs than what I ordered! Everything was perfect down to the colors I asked for and the weight range I specified; the discs were just a completely different model. I emailed support and was promptly (within the hour) responded to by Kirk. Having no trouble locating my original order, Kirk quickly sorted out the mishap, apologized, and provided a easy solution – They’d ship out the correct discs with an included self-addressed envelope for me to mail the incorrect ones back to them. Easy as pie.

Summary: Give them a toss. Their disc selection is vast, their customer service is fantastic and their shipping is on par with many large online retailers.