Driving Form – Backhand Slow Motion Breakdown

Top Pros Drive Form In Slow Motion

Great Breakdown Article @ Heavy Disc Blog:
Heavy Disc

Things To Pay Attention To:
1) Timing of Start to Arm Reach Back & Final Front Foot Placement (0:08)

2) Head and Shoulder Rotation in Relation to #1

3) Timing of Finish to Arm Reach Back & Final Front Foot Placment (0:11)

(where is the opposite arm/hand in relation to the disc / grip hand?)

4) Beginning of Pull Through & Weight Transfer to Front Foot

5) Shoulder Rotation & Elbow Breaking Point
(note the head is still looking away)

6) Beginning Head Rotation & Hip Pivot Generates Whip & Power
(opening the hips, pivoting on heel of front foot, back foot beginning to lift, opposite arm beginning to follow shoulders)

7) Disc Release Point – Hips are nearly 90* Head is almost straight (0:12)

8) Throw Follow Through – Throwing arm continues through swing, shoulders continue pivot to 180* from start, rear foot lifts to counter balance and slow rotation.