Course Maintenance

One of the biggest recommendations I can make is volunteering to help maintain and upkeep your local course!

hole1Keeping a course clean and safe is the first steps in ensuring it stays around! Even if your course doesn’t currently have regular maintenance – it’s easy to start small by reminding others to pack their trash, staying on dedicated trails as much as possible, or even just ensuring the bottle caps and cigarettes stay off the ground while you play your rounds. These small things go a long ways towards improving the look of the course and the public perception of our sport!

Most local clubs have a course maintenance or work party day every few months – this is a great way to bring the local club members together as well as provide an inviting and positive place for potential members to become acquainted with the club. Work party days allow a variety of improvements; multiple holes can be mowed, raked, cleared of trash and other debris – large projects like installing new tee pads, alternate basket locations or even walkways and retaining walls can get completed in a single day with good planning.

Hole 14

I try to find time each week to rake, mow, or clear the local course – it’s typically less than 4 hours a week but any amount of time spent doing these things helps to enhance the experience for everyone who visits and plays.

In short, nothing has brought me more satisfaction, simple exercise and good community vibes than helping further develop a beautiful, safe, fun place to play. When you get involved in your course’s community presence not only can you look around and appreciate your home course in new ways, you will develop a new pride and understanding in the holes you’ve helped improve!


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